About me

I am doing research and design in a technology for active ageing, with the specific focus on the technologies that promote physical activity and social interaction. My focus is on interaction design and motivational factors. In the past, I did research in using human computation (gamification and expert-sourcing) to solve problems found in machine semantics and knowledge management. I also did research in bringing diversified data into UI software design to make the resulting system more human oriented and appropriately embedded in user experience.
In general, my research spans human-computer interaction and software engineering. Within this broad intersection, my main research interests include: design for behavior change, design of interactive systems, user-centered design, user interface software technologies, software engineering, and social computing.
In doing my research I tend to have a constructive approach: creating and evaluating prototypes, and building systems.
As an HCI researcher, I also do some fieldwork, especially case studies using logging, observation, surveys and interviews.

I have received a PhD degree in Computer Science from the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. I have developed numerous practical software solutions and tools, with different technologies, and actively participated in projects in academia and industry.
I am a great nature fan and at my free time I enjoy activities like running, hiking, cycling, skiing, swimming, and diving.
For more details, see my curriculum vitae (CV).